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eh why not 
8th-Aug-2011 06:39 pm
Stock -- loving you is cherry pie
Hey all! Man I remember looking through this community when I was 16. I'm 20 now and I haven't spent as much time here lately as I used to, but since I took some pictures yesterday I decided to come see how this place was doing. Annnd since it's still kicking, here are the pictures I took! My bunny welcomes you. c:

Behind my door! Then we move over...

Socks, beauty things, and on top a box of my craft supplies. Really I'd like a whole other little storage container for them but I just don't have the space right now. :c

My closet! Colour coded, organized by sleeve length and sweater type, and filled with shoes.

A close up of my closet because hey why not.

Turn and here is my dresser! And my shelf above it filled with stuffed animals of my childhood because I am apparently still five years old inside lmao.

Here's a close up of this too! I have a little collection of FFVII action figures and two betta fish, Caboose (left) and Karma (right)! They are gorgeous little guys. Even though you can't really see them here. :c

My nightstand and book I am currently reading.

My bed!

On the headstand I have little flower lights, here they are turned on with my main light turned off.

My bookshelf that's next to my bed and full of even more stuffed animals. Also, my wicker giraffe who holds half of my jewellery and these silly hats my mom got at god only knows where.

My favourite two shelves!

There's a window that I didn't take a picture of between my bookshelf and this desk. But yeah! My desk, which is never this clean on a daily basis.

Here's the bulletin board that is full of non-important things (and apparently a calender that I have yet to change oops). Annnnnd....

Pigbun Estates! My guinea pig, Sora, lives on top and my bunny, Millie, lives on the bottom. I built the whole thing myself and oh actually, Millie's condo is a bit different now (this picture was taken last month unlike the rest of them):

Actually this picture is a week old too and I have since given her a new litter box, but yeah! Basically the same.

Sora's condo is the same though. c:


My ceiling! I have a disco ball attached to my light and glow in the dark planets, in order, orbiting around it. Because I am a nerd.

Well that's about it! Just felt like taking some pictures before I start rearranging in preparation for a second rabbit, and then in a couple months moving completely out. Hope you enjoyed my stuffed and live animal filled room! ♥
8th-Aug-2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
It's always awesome to see a room that's as 'busy' as mine is! ^_^
9th-Aug-2011 12:40 am (UTC)
woah! there are too many stuff in your room !!! but I like how alive your room is!
9th-Aug-2011 01:41 am (UTC)
I love your room! There's so much life and happiness there!

What size are those tanks you've got? At first I was wary because they looked like teeny ones I've seen before, but unless you've got the tiniest of bettas, they look like they're decent sized! And that's the food I feed my Sevvy! :D

I am jealous of your bookshelves--I need more of them in my room! And is that a CD player on the wall near your bed? Brilliant.
9th-Aug-2011 04:58 pm (UTC)
Aww! Super cute room. :)

I love your Piggy and bunnies C&C Cage! They look so clean in those pictures, I bet it doesn't stay that way long! My piggy lives in a 3x4 C&C cage and she can trash it within 2 days.
12th-Aug-2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
Cute room!

Pigbun Estates xD
14th-Aug-2011 09:36 am (UTC)
The glow in the dark planets are so cool!
18th-Aug-2011 07:41 pm (UTC)
I love love love love love your room!! I love the wicker! Especially the giraffe. I'd kill for one of those!
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