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Share your room!
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i heart my room .

Welcome to iheartmyroom. I<3MR is specifically for sharing photos of your bedroom/rooms ( and all within ) and seeking advice on interior design. Enjoy the community and don't forget to follow the rules so that everyone can enjoy their stay.

Community Rules & Regulations .

1. Please remember to place large images behind a cut. If you post an image in front of a cut that stretches the page and layout, your post may be deleted or you may be asked to fix it.

2. Please be nice to fellow members. While constructive criticism is helpful, we would appreciate it if you kept any hurtful comments to yourself.

3. Don't take things personally. If someone says they dislike your room... so? This is iheartmyroom, not "otherpeoplehatemyroom".

4. This is NOT a place for advertisements. We will be happy to take affiliates if the maintainers request affiliation.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions! People are very helpful here and it's NOT necessary for every one of your posts to have photos. Please don't let a good idea or question go to waste just because you don't have photos. When asking questions about furniture, decor and colors .. pictures are often more helpful than words when it comes to explaining.

You can PM continental with any questions, concerns, reports or affiliation requests. Enjoy!

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